Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make-up Faces' Week In Pictures












Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sleek Mediterranean Collection.

As soon as the promotional pictures for Sleek's new range popped into my email inbox I was immediately hooked - I think the colours are stunning!  I am definitely going to be buying the palette and reporting back but I thought I would share the pictures with you anyway; how nice are the eye shadows.  Usually I would just stick to either no eye shadow during the day or a light taupe, fawn colour now however that's a different story.  Oranges, peaches, reds, even pinks!  Have been finding their way into my morning make-up collection, perhaps it's because I am trying to kid on it's summer?

Here a some pictures of the collection the lovely people at Sleek sent me for you to have a nosey at.

This blush is serious isn't it!

I can't wait to get my hands on those eye shadows, after the storm palette you know they are going to be good, in fact the matt brown in the storm palette is my eyebrow colour and it's nearly finished - help!

Introduction To Make-up Face

Hello, bonjour, hola and welcome to Make-up face, why's it called that? Well because more often than not day on day I have a make-up face, I like it and I like to read and write about different ways to improve it! Hence my new online home – Make-up Face.

I thought I better write this post as I realise the blog at this stage seems rather abandoned and slightly random but trust me there is a method behind this! I am just in the early stages of creating this blog and there is till a lot to do, as I am sure you can see! I had an other home previously Food and Fancies but do you know what, it was time for a change. A change of direction, a new look a more personable tone and a hell of a lot more commitment from me. I love change in this circumstance just starting afresh is very well...refreshing!

So here we are my new blog, the randomness of the posts sans images are due to the fact that I am lifting my favourite ones from my old site and transferring them to Make-up Face; after all a lot of work went into them and they are still viable (hopefully interesting) content for my lovely readers. The images I will put up or perhaps takes new ones as the long light nights certainly lend themselves to the efficiency of the blogging community.

So what is this blog going to be about – make up for one, new things, old things and possibly just plain weird items of make up that I love hate but am never indifferent about because that is just boring! It is also going to cover the extremely exciting new journey of mine into home ownership and living with a boy, hopefully domestic bliss will ensue...it will won't it :P? So lots of pretty house things, probably covering a few disasters along the way and hopefully memories for me to look back on.

I hope that has given you a little insight into the beginnings and purpose of Make-up Face and a little introduction to me! Any requests for posts or ideas or comments are always welcome contact me at – foodandfancies@gmail.com (I have to change I know). Like the Facebook page at the top of the blog if you feel like throwing a high five my way oh and you can also find me on Twitter say hello and introduce yourself @Make_upFACE.

Look forward to getting stuck in.

Lissa x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Random Product of the Day

What product stuck in my mind today? Why it was a hand wash, moisturizing, nourishing & smelling divine. Shea butter & Honey - my favorite these scents always really appeal to me. Probably why I like this product so much!

Available for a palatable £2.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Pretties I Found

Some pictures of beautiful things I found while browsing in Next Home.

Any hints & tips of where to find interesting & lovely bits for our flat very much appreciated.  I like for instance, dwell, habitat, not on the high street etc...

MAC Viva Glam Gaga & Satin Taupe

I’ve been around the World and There Was M.A.C

I’m listening to Christmas songs I’m so happy “war is oooover, lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa”

So yeah around the world and there was MAC. Now I’m a beauty addict fair? But.....I have just recently come to grow my MAC collection, why is that I hear you exclaim?! Well the long and the short answer is that for the past four years I have been a poor student and even I couldn’t justify spending lots and lots on cosmetics, shocking I know but sometimes we just have to cut our cloth accordingly. Now a day’s however I am employed and happily so big shout out to PoLR woo...and this has enabled me to fall even deeper into a cosmetics obsessed haze not that I’m complaining!

Last week I thought do you know what I’m going to go online and treat myself to some MAC goodies and I did just that. Now as you know that selection available on the MAC website can be overwhelming as in you just want everything but I had an idea of what I wanted beforehand and I think this is the way to go with MAC; think roughly what you want then go for that.

Anyway long story short I decided on the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and that paragon of virtue Satin Taupe. Here are some pics...

ViVA Glam Gaga

Now for the review well I’ve only had them for a week or so but I feel able to offer my two cents. The lippie; the colour is fabulous a blue under toned bubble gum pink very flattering for all I would say (aarghh The Snowman song is on now!!). The colour payoff is good it’s not knock your socks of pigmented but them again it’s not that kind of product; the formulation is great for me personally it’s a lustre but I feel when it’s just put straight onto your lips it feels like a matt or a long lasting lipstick. If you applied it over a lip balm or put a gloss on top it would be creamier although in saying that it’s not drying it is still very comfortable to wear.

Marks out of ten = 8/10

Satin Taupe

This eye shadow is a stalwart of many a makeup collection for a very simple reason, its brilliant. It is a smoky, soft taupe/brown with a very subtle hint of gold shimmer in it. It’s got a lovely velvety consistency, it’s not massively pigmented but it’s buildable and very bendable hence why it is in every discerning makeup fans kit. This product can be used on its own all over the lid, used in conjunction with a darker shade for a smoky eye, as a crease colour or to blend out the crease and bring a bit of warmth to a dark smoky eye. It’s great for neutral and colour lovers alike, I love it.

Marks out of ten = 9/10

I’m not too sure how everyone feels about MAC I know for the beauty community it is the destination, its permanent line is full of all the products you would ever need and they are good and they work. In the recent few months their limited edition collections have been hit or miss the Venomous Villains and Tartan tale have been met with mixed reactions and many would have rather spent their money on a ....on a ?Brazilian wax than on these collections. That aside these two products are brilliant and I urge anyone who hasn’t done so already to consider adding them to their collections.

*Plus I got a little sample of Prep & Prime with my order, lovely!

Dermalogica Prescriptives Facial

Hello everyone! I am back into the swing of things after a rather little ahem ok longish break from my blog slaps self, I just had a little breather to recoup to gather some ideas and inspiration. I am pleased to announce I have now got lots of both and lots and lots of things to blog about reviews, pictures and just general chat! I have also given my blog a make over and I love it even if I do say so myself! I decided to make it a lot more clean with more emphasis on the images and the actual content! I do hope you like it...

Anyway I though I would do my first post on a beauty treatment I had yesterday, my boyfriends parents very kindly gave me some vouchers for a beauticians and spa. It took me a while to decide what to spend them on as there was an extensive list of treatments available; I opted against nails as mine are still recovering and I am still ummin and ahhing about eyelash extensions and I think I will ultimately get them.

Anyway I went for the Dermalogica prescriptives facial as I am sure like a lot of people this weather are suffering from dry, dull unhappy skin. Although my skin is relatively clear and I don't get too many breakouts it is so so dry. This facial seemed perfect, here's what they say about it:
Leave your cares behind as we start this treatment with a power cleanse designed to restore your skins healthy radiance. Extractions remove any congestion while aromatherapy pressure point massage that follows will stimulate and revitalise tissues. A customised mask will condition your skin before finishing with a moisturiser tailored to your specific skin type.
I went along on Saturday in great anticipation of what miracles this treatment would work on my poor parched skin. Once I arrived I had to fill in a questionnaire which was designed around getting your background health and lifestyle information, this only took a couple of minutes. After that I met the therapist that was going to do my treatment Claire, who led me to the treatment room which was cosy and quaint, I then got all ready and was all tucked up in blankets and a fleecy throw.

The room was nice and warm and there was relaxing music playing in the background, the facial involved a soothing pre-cleanse which was like a really nice oil. Then I had an aromatherapy massage which was bliss! She massaged my neck shoulders and face so relaxing. The next step was a cooling hydrating face mask and while that was on the therapist gave me a head massage which I absolutely loved, the mask was the removed and moisturiser was applied.

I was half asleep by this point and I had a glass of water, while I was told to take my time and get dressed etc... I noticed an improvement straight away my skin was super smooth, even and glowing this treatment was so worth it and I highly recommend it for people with dry skin or even those who just want to relax. I'm alredy booked in for another in six weeks time.

I had mine done at Goddess Spa
Cost - £40
Duration - 1 hour
Rating - 5/5


Nail polish why do we love it so - in fact I know its the little bottles, the potential for fabulous packaging, all the beautiful infinitesimal array of colours and the potential for growing a huge collection.

Answered my own question there! I love how there can grow a almost fever pitch cult status around certain shades - Essie Mint Candy Apple, OPI Metro Chic or Chanel's Black Pearl. To name but a few they have become cult must have, sometimes extremely hard to get a hold of products. I haven't purchased any of those aforementioned shades but the four I got are rather pretty all the same.

ELF - Gum Pink £1.50

This is supposedly one of elf's new formulation polishes I don't know what that has entailed as I've not tried it yet. Its a pretty bold, blue toned fun bubblegum pink, think MAC Viva Glam Gaga. The thing with elf polishes is that they are just such damn good value, £1.50

ELF Mango Madness - £1.50

I'd had my eye on this shade for ages so I just went for it I mean £1.50 I had to be sure hehe... This polish shows up a bit more orange in this image in real life it is a much more red toned, sunshine warm shade just lovely. I'm wearing this polish right now I painted my nails on Sunday night and it's still going strong not a chip in sight. The formulation is quit thin and sheer on first application but after three coats you get a nice opaque finish and as I said it's not chipped and that's been three days.

Essie - Sand Tropez £9 (ish) in the UK

Sand Tropez is from Essie's French affair collection which I gave an introduction to Here. I was really excited about receiving this shade as I confess I am a boring neutral lover, I am never happier than when I am wearing a mink a griege or a grey on my nails and this shade doesn't disappoint; it's gorgeous see the swatch of my nail. It's a creamy, flattering, sophisticated warm sandy beige lovely lovely lovely, get it.

Colour Club - Edie £4.50 (ish)

From my previous confession to my love of neutrals this shade is a bit of a contrast and to be honest I've no idea why I picked it although I do like it. This image doesn't show up as bright as it really is it's a turquoise green which I thought would be perfect for toes in the summer with tanned feet and sandals. I'm not sure if I'd wear it on my fingers as I've not swatched it yet.

Whats been your new polish aquisations? Have you succumbed to and indulged in any cults polish brands or shades?