Friday, 7 October 2011

Forever 21 Comes to Glasgow

As you can see from the image above I thought I would do a post every couple of weeks or so about Beauty/Shopping/Events in Glasgow.  I feel sometimes Glasgow gets such a bad name in the media due to a few small areas, or isolated incidents there is of course the massive poverty issue in Glasgow but in a beauty blog that seems a topic that is a little out of the way.

Anyway, what I wanted this post or series of post to contain is just what is good about Glasgow, good shopping, eating, events and nights out.  Believe me there are lots and lots out there, you just need to know where to look.

The title suggests what my first Glasgow's a Beauty post is going to be about - Forever 21 is coming to Glasgow.  This is indeed exciting news I have to warn you though don't get too excited as it won't be open until a projected date of March 2013.  We do still have a little bit of a wait, I found a mocked up image of what the store front is going to look like.

Don't you just love the people in these mock ups!

Glasgow has been bucking the national trend however, second only to London in terms of retail offering according to Verdict Research, and the addition of an exciting up-and-coming retailer like Forever 21 will give the city an added boost.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

17 Nail Polish - Forever

Post moved over from my previous blog - originally posted 8/3/11

Afternoon my very first nail of the day....I am beyond excited.  Apologies for the rather sedate choice of shade for today but it's my new polish and I love it.  It's for 17's new spring time collection and it's called Forever and it's part of the lasting finish collection; the picture is pretty true to life although it's a bit more pink in daylight.

Here is a quick little run down of my manicure routine if any of you are even the remotest bit interested!  I remove my old polish as I NEVER don't have my nails painted; I was using these crappy little pre-soaked remover pads which are really greasy and oily definitely need to wash your hands after using them.  In fact that reminds me I really need suggestions of an effective yet gentle nail polish remover?  One that is non-drying and nourishing to your nails does such a product exist?

Then I may stick on some hand cream just general Vaseline because it's really light and quickly absorbed.  I then put on my cucumber cuticle oil I HATE unruly scabby cuticles, mine were giving me some gip but I've knocked them into shape.  This cuticle oil is just a cheapy one from Salon Services but it's effective and quickly absorbed which is essential if you are painting your nails straight afterwards.  While the cuticle oil is still there I use an orange stick to push them back and batter them into shape.  I might wait a bit for all this to be soaked in and make my nails all luscious and beautiful. THEN I paint them, when I have finished the second coat on both hands today I applied Seche Vite which gives a beautifully glossy smooth finish.  Without further ado as I am sure you are all on tenterhooks here is the picture. 
Boots 17 - Forever

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pictures of Matchstick Men


Thought I'd add in a few images for you - do excuse the quality the iPhone camera is truly awful and with the lack of daylight I only expect taking pictures to become even harder!

001 This is when I had my mum over for lunch which I generally do every week and we have a catch up and she brings me food pressies from M&S.  I think this particular day I cooked black pudding and spring onion potato cakes and we had it with some really nice ham - really good.

The following picture is just a little collage starting at the top and working clockwise - oh yeah, this is the dim sum you can buy in M&S all I need to say is go and get this now! Go on! I think this is the spicy prawn one, the layered vegetables and lots of soy sauce.

These are the most beautiful pair of heels I think I have ever came across in Primark exactly like the YSL 'Palais' platforms, well maybe not exactly but a good enough dupe about 6 seasons too late but they were £16!

YSL Palais Platform Pumps...what do you think? 
As you can see this is my face with some black Rayban frames on, I desperately need new glasses and have eventually given in and booked my eye test for Saturday.  the opticians is one of those awful places you have to go for your own good but you go in and you leave with no money.

The last image is of our bedroom carpet when it was freshly laid look how clean and fluffy it is - this colour was called vanilla and we (well I) also chose a white floor for the en-suite.  Brave or stupid?  Oh and it is still lovely and new as we've only been in there two months and all potential disasters have been averted *touch wood*.



Yes your read that correctly I am back. It wasn't the usual lack of inspiration or new products or exciting new discoveries that stop me from posting it actually was the rather exciting fact that I finally got the keys to my (sorry Chris OUR I keep getting shouted at for doing that) beautiful new flat and I have to say I'm in love.

This morning Chris (that's my other half and roomy!) reminded me that it is exactly two months to the day since we picked our keys up! It feels like a lot longer and whereas this phrase is usually used to describe something that had dragged on interminably I feel when it comes to homes this is exactly the feeling you want.  To feel comfortable and settled oh and still a bit excited because it's all so new.

Of course there has been the expected tearing of hair, irrational fears about well...everything and rational fears about em...everything.  We furnished, floored and moved in to the flat all by ourselves with I have to add a massive amount of help and support from friends and family without whom we would not have been lying in bed remembering picking up our keys two months ago!

So yes, that is the definitive excuse as to why I have abandoned my blog as a whole that and my infuriatingly slow, unresponsive and patronising laptop which I have to restrain my self from smashing on munerous occasions.  It's that bad.  As you may realise with a new flat and everything that comes with that there are no  funds at the moment for me to buy a new laptop, I shall struggle on and try and coax it through (without hitting it too much).

Now, I did say there has been no funds for laptops but if you know me you will know that does not mean that there has been no funds for some new clothes, bags, shoes, make up, skin care and hair care.  That's where this blog comes in isn't it?  So I do have a lot of great things to blog about when I steal borrow my mum' camera.

I do have to add as an end note to this verbose blog post buying a house adds to your spending habits it doesn't curb them as it should because now you have a whole new area of spending.  I can feel the wicked smile spreading across my face as I think of all the pretties I could buy....

I have become somewhat of an extreme bargain hunter and for those of you who have just bought a flat or are planning on moving out I will no doubt share them with you.

That's all for now and I look forward to delving back into the hugely addictive world of beauty/lifestyle/absorbed blogging.