Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Zara Fragrance - Oriental

Well, today I went shopping (with my boyfriend I may add, bad idea...) with two items in my mind that I wanted to buy and yes, I didn't get either of them. Typical! One was a coat from Next which they didn't have in my size I did end up ordering it online 'should be dispatched within 2 weeks' 2 weeks!? The second was a pair of flat riding boots from Zara which are a bargainous £39.99 and are totally sold out in every size, even a 3 (!) online. So I was having a shoppers strop in Zara when I remembered that they do decent perfume to help with the gap between now and Christmas *Tom Ford Black Orchid* please Santa.

I gave them all a brief whiff as my boyfriend was stalking me around the shop looking increasingly agitated with every passing minute, out all of them this was the one that appealed to me the most.  Now, as for describing a smell the bloggers who confess to being terrible at doing so I think describe fragrances extremely well. I'll spritz some on...

I literally have no idea. I'll say what it's not, it doesn't smell floral or sweet it smells a little spicy... Just had an idea:

Rose, freesia, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and caramel

Kindly borrowed from the Zara website, looking at the notes I can see why it appealed to me I love cedar, vanilla and sandalwood. This fragrance is an Eau de Toilette and is £9.99 for 100ml for this price I think the packaging is lovely, looks more expensive than it is and smells lovely. Of course with it only costing just under a tenner the staying power is not good at all and you will have to reapply if you want it to last all day.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Heart Fall Tag ❤ (Or Autumn!)

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Oh hey. If you subscribe to any beauty themed YouTube channels you will no doubt have seen this tag done countless times in the past few weeks, I thought there was still some room for me to have my input as Autumn is my favorite season and one which we actually experience here in the West of Scotland before we go back to Winter, generally skipping Spring and Summer.

I was not tagged by anyone in particular so feel free to participate and send me your links!

Favorite Fall lip products? 

I'm going to split this question into two - necessary lip products and then favourite autumn lip product.  Without a doubt the most necessary lip product when it gets cold is lip balm, must have. I ALWAYS have dry lips, this leads to biting my lips this leads to pain; additionally I should add lip balm and a toothbrush for exfoliation. Recently, while watching a Lisa Eldrige video she recommended just using a cotton bud and running that over your lips as an exfoliant (she is so wise and clever).

I have used multiple lip balms over the years in fact probably hundreds and I have to say I have yet to find the holy grail, which for me is moisturising, non greasy and long lasting. Any recommendations? Currently I am using this

Dark vampy, berry shades are most definitely in right now, I did swatch a couple of shades from the Topshop lip range however, I'm not convinced. I love them on others but I just feel like they will make my lips appear smaller as dark shades often do. The lip product I have been loving just now is from Rimmel's Kate Moss matt lip range in shade 101.

Favorite Fall nail polishes?

I never, ever not have my nails painted my nails are YUCK without polish. I'll pick two of  my favourite fall polishes number one is this steel grey from Miss Sporty no less under £2 and I love it, long lasting, good application and a subtle shimmer when on the nail. Second favourite was a toss up between two I opted for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark which I have talked about before. It's a deep, dark purple based polish that shows up almost black when on the nail a must have for any collection.

Favorite fall beverages?

This is where everyone says Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks in a red cup isn't it? I live on coffee so my favourite autumn drink is coffee in it's basic form (yes I can go in and order just an Americano). Funnily enough I am loving the coffee Frappuchino even though it's an iced based drink I love it just enjoy it inside.

Favorite Fall scents?

Does this mean home scents or fragrance scents? For the home I love spicy, cinnamon scents they make your home smell so welcoming and are one of the main things that switches me into autumn mode, dark nights and cinnamon candles...bliss.

Favorite Fall fashion accessory?

Scarves of course. Although, I have to say I wear scarves all year round but I will be on the lookout for a new woolly, cosy not too detailed not too huge scarf!

Favorite Halloween movies?

When I was a teenager I loved scaring myself stupid and worked my way through all of the popular now cult horror movies: Scream, Candyman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, The Hills Have Eyes etc...  Consequently I thoroughly sickened myself of the whole horror genre and find it really boring now, if I had to choose I'd go with the good old Excorcist it's at that brilliant age where as a film it's between cult classic and ridiculous.

Favorite sweets to eat on Halloween?

Well I do have a sweet tooth anyway and I can't think of any sweets in the the UK which are brought out specifically just for autumn? Oh, apart from Scream Eggs! Traditionally kids in the UK are often lumbered with the less desirable elements of treats; fruit (?!), monkey nuts or crisps...boring.

Favorite Fall memory? 

My favourite autumn memory would be going out trick or treating when I was a lot younger. Although turning up at someone's door and just saying trick or treat was not enough you had to learn your little party piece and I don't remember much in the way of tricks being dished out!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 

Halloween has been and gone and I did not dress up nor go out. If I was going to though I would go as Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BBQ Chicken and Corn Rice

I'm back and in a much more positive mood (see last post) because I'm cooking and what does cooking lead to? That's right eating and that makes me very happy indeed. I picked up some chicken drumsticks in M&S the other day and though 'oh I'll freeze them.' my freezer is FULL of my impulse meat purchases.  I unfortunately happen to live with an extremely fussy eater who is in no doubt in possession of a rather retarded palette and refuses to try anything even remotely different. We're talking someone who won't even look at a mushroom. One thing he does like is BBQ sauce and all men love meat, well apart from vegetarians and vegans I suppose. 

Here is a really quick and simple recipe to make your own BBQ marinade, which doesn't just have to be used on chicken.

  • 3 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 2 tbsp clear honey 
  • 2 tbsp sweet chili 
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp paprika

Measure out all of your ingredients in your roasting dish (you can do this in a freezer bag). Score your chicken drumsticks in the meatiest part, put into your dish and coat in the sauce, cover with cling film and leave overnight or for as long as you can manage. Heat your over to 200c/180c fan place in over for 15 minutes, take out and re-coat in the sauce and cook for a further 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked all the way through.

I am going to serve mine with some corn rice - rice cooked with onion, herbs and chicken stock. I will make sure and post a picture when it's plated up (I always say this and realise when it's been devoured!) 

I Hate Everything

Hi sorry for the negativity but I am very angry...with myself! I am going to a wedding on Saturday (I will show my outfit, hair and makeup) so I was out yesterday with my mum and picked up a few last minute bits and pieces. Popping into Bodycare, which is like a mixture between Semi-Chem, Savers and Superdrug no high end brands here but plenty of bargains. They stock brands such as St Moritz, Technic nail polishes, Eyelure eyelashes and Eye Candy lashes all for discounted prices; I am assuming it is old stock.

Anyway. I was looking for the Eye Candy lashes as they stock my favourite super voluminous lashes, similar to the Eyelure double lashes, they didn't have them so I picked up some Eyelure cat eye lashes for a bargainous £2.49. I also picked up a nail polish drying spray for 99p and some St Moritz instant leg tan spray. A good little haul you may think, where are the pictures you may also think well... I happened to pop into New Look and tried on a pair of lovely purple suede courts, really nice, put them back.  Said good bye to my mum, toddled off home and thought to my self "I'm going to have a look at my new goodies." I'll just go and fetch the bag, wait...where is the bag?! Yes that's correct, I went and left it behind in New Look (I think) gone forever. I called the shop to no avail...

This my friends was devastating it may have only been £9 or so but still gutting no the less. Should I go back in and repurchase the exact same items? GAH!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Smoked Mackerel Pâté

My boyfriend's parents came over for dinner last night and I made smoked mackerel pâté for starter and it was delicious, here's the recipe:

  • 3 fillets smoked mackerel
  • 150g soft cheese
  • 100g creme fraiche
  • Lots of lemon juice and more to serve
  • Black pepper
  • Dill

Measure the soft cheese and creme fraiche into a large bowl

Skin and flake the smoked mackerel , check for bones and flake into the cheese. Whizz together with a hand held blender (not too fine you want to keep some texture)

Add in the lemon juice to taste, black pepper and dill combine all the ingredients together. When I came to serve it I mixed some large chunks if hot smoked salmon through.

I covered in cling film and kept it in the fridge until serving. I served it on a large plate surrounded by wheaten crackers, oat cakes and lemon wedges.

It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture of it being served but I can whole heartedly recommend this recipe, give it a try.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Week in Instagram

1. After a trip to Nandos yesterday (mmmm chicken) my sister and I decided to be very childish indeed and put this poor mannequin in a rather compromising position (we put her back afterwards!).
2. Banana bread, one of my staple recipes which I whipped up on Saturday as we had some friends staying. I'll post the recipe one day it's really tasty and it keeps really well, I'm still eating it now.
3. Baby pink converse. I bought these for my boyfriend's cousin's daughters christening on Saturday, she's only little just now but these will be perfect when she is toddling around.
4. New Shoes! These beauties were an Ebay steal perfect to go with my LBD for our night out on Saturday, I do have to warn I am now suffering with a sprained ankle thanks to a mixture of these and cobbled streets.
5. New bedding from Ikea. This bedding was a bargain and it's lovely, in a French Chateau, china plate inspired pattern I already had the matching cushion cover so had to buy this - £15.
6. My preffered eye look for nights out, purple smoky eye with a bright purple in the tear duct corner, perfectly flattering for green/hazel eyes.
7. Cosy autumnal nights in - I love winter, Christmas and my December birthday, I am in my element.
8. Chocolate, orange and popcorn - that is all.
9. I went with my boyfriend and his family for a delicious meal at The Both (Ruthven Lane, Glasgow) I had the lamb and it was extremely tasty, would highly recommend this cosy little restaurant.

I'm now off to rustle up some bangers and mash for dinner the epitome of autumnal comfort food, YUM.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pamper Night

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.” ― Sylvia Plath
The nights are getting longer, colder and darker, so what better to melt away the pre-winter blues than a hot bubble bath. That's exactly what I am going to do tonight and I urge all of you to do the same - pamper night. Remover your old nail varnish, scrub your face to rid it of those dulling dead skin cells and relax back in a hot bath with whatever accessories you wish (wine, book, music or the latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo).

Earlier on today when I was out I needed change and where as some people would buy some water or chewing gum I took the opportunity to buy a new nail polish, isn't it pretty.
Sweet Violet 


Walking out of the shop I was yanked back by the tempting selection of face masks, you know those ones the Montagne Jeunesse, you know the ones that make you look like a scary ninja. It's not just a cream, or a peel off but a full on place on you face mask in crushed spearmint...refreshing. I'm hoping this is going to rejuvenate my dull tired looking skin, dryness/oiliness or blemishes don't bother me too much but it's just dull, dull, dull.

I'm going out for dinner and drinks tomorrow night and as far as I'm concerned the getting ready starts now. Here is a list of things you can do the night before:

  • Exfoliate body and face
  • Remove nail polish, soak nails to reduce any staining (file/shape ready for painting tomorrow)
  • Face mask (do be warned that some people can break out the day after face mask applications or facials)
  • Intensive body lotion, apply before bed and soak over night
  • If you are wearing sandals - get you feet toes in order if need be!
  • Tan, tan, tan
  • De-fuzz
  • Get your clip in extensions (if wearing) washed, brushed and styled

All of these tasks can be done the night before to ensure no tears before party time tomorrow, we have all had a major strop when EVERYTHING is going wrong before a night out so get organised!

P.S - I really love Paloma Faith singing in the John Lewis advert, what do you think?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games - Foie Gras

Ello. How are you this evening? I'm in rather a good mood but more on that later in a more detailed post. I thought I'd quickly share one of my new polishes from the Hunger Games collection by China Glaze. I have quite a few China Glaze polishes and I'm always impressed by them, first of all the bottles seem huge 14ml. Also the brush is long and narrow for precision application and the colour payoff is great this is two coats and no top coat.

I feel a new polish purchase coming on plus I still need Seche Vite and I really want to try OPI nail envy for my poor abused nails.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's Typed in the Stars

I just thought I would write a quick 'lil post here as I came across a great inforgraphic (I know, I know but honestly it's a good one). Most may not know, in fact I don't think anyone does but I'm a big fan of a great type face and font. I spent many an hour in the old days flicking through all the fonts in Word 1997, marvelling over all the different styles and options. I am also a great fan of simple designs and clean lines, therefore I am a champion of Helvetica and Futura and I laugh in the face of Comic Sans, then again who doesn't.

For all fans of the font I suggest that you check out the documentary Helvetica.
Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which recently celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives.


Helvetica Documentary

I'm back off to watch The Voice...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Banana Bread

Banana bread. That is all...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

EOTD - half baked & smog

Oh HAI. Yes, it's an eye of the day of course I have two but I thought Id just stick to taking pictures of my favourite eye. This look used half baked and smog from the much adored and discussed Urban Decay Naked Palette & the equally as heralded Primer Potion.

I started with primer, patted half baked all over the lid and then worked smog into the crease and down under the lower lash line. I then took the No7 dupe of the MAC 217 and blend, blend, blend and blend some more you can always add more colour if you fell it is becoming too dissapated.

I then take Naked which is a matt tan colour and work this in over the top of the crease to add warmth and detract from any harsh lines that have been left from smog. I find this a really effective way to tie a look altogether and add some warmth Kid from MAC is also a great shade to try this with.

I have to mention also about how buttery smooth half baked is, it's just heavenly so pigmented, smooth application and a really gorgeous multi-dimensional gold/bronze. I think it would be really nice to try half baked pressed over a darker shade like smog, I think in fact I might try that myself!
Use this colour to lightly blend the crease and highlight colours together - it will warm up a cool toned smoky eye

Friday, 9 March 2012

NOTD - Bourjois Bleu Model

NOTD that I have actually been wearing for the past two days but I know you'll forgive me! I have the most mundane reason to give as to why this is a good nail polish here we go - it survived the kitchen clean. I know, I know! Seriously, this polish has some staying power if it can withstand; glass cleaner, fairy liquid and flash they we're doing a good job.

Two coats gives a great opaque fresh turquoise with a sea green base with no top coat it gives great shine and as I mentioned great staying power. It applies smoothly, no streaks, no gloopiness and the colour is true to what the bottle represents. This is my first time using Boujois' polishes and like the rest of the make up from this product range that I have tried I am growing to love this brand more and more and I'm surprised I overlooked it for so long.

As I write this I have just received my new China Glaze Polish in Fois Gras from the Hunger Games collection, can't wait to try it out. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Science Fiction - Red Lips

Ello poppets ( you have Shay Carl to thank for that one) today I though I'd start looking through my lip products, lipsticks in particular and give them a bit of an airing. This particular shade I picked up whilst in the supermarket one day on a whim as this is not a colour I would generally wear.  I always focus on doing a more dramatic eye on nights out and therefore generally go for a really neutral lip and sometimes just a balm.

This is a collection 2000 shade from the Lasting Colour Range and I can already tell that even after I take this off I'm still going to have some nice ruby lips! So no tashin (hehe) on with this shade or you are going to both end up looking like a kind of Stephen Kings It inspired joker/nightmare clown. So, yes it's pigmented! It actually has a really nice finish a matte sheen, not drying and comfortable enough to wear without a balm underneath.  As I mentioned there it does transfer unless you sealed it so prepare to brand all cups, glasses or straws but who cares it looks nice right?

I did line my lips with a red Barry M Kohl pencil which I don't think is a lip liner but why the hell would you line your eyes with this? Heading back to the Stephen King inspired make up look there - it is very soft but it's a great general red colour and I'd always recommend a liner if you're wearing a red lip.

The video at the end is what I'm reminded of when I think of a famous red lip! Never mind Marilyn hello Rocky Horror!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Ello poppets! I thought I'd post a couple of snaps from my weekend which was by no means life changing but we all like to see the human aspect in blogs don't we? I can't be in St Tropex every weekend...come on. These posts are some of my favorite I love seeing what people are up to especially a weird thing about what people are eating?! Later on today I'll have my John Freida shampoo post up and hopefully my nail of the week.

These lashes from Primark are great for £1 - stock up!
This is going to be my NOTD try and encourage summer through my nails!
A little idea of mine  (website/email not real yet!) making most of Moo free samples
Present from my dad a necessity for all candle lovers.
My boyfriends family's dog Holly - she likes to lie right up at the table
Gorgeous bag I seen in Zara, I'm sure it's only £19.99

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sugar Lips - MUA & Best Day to Day Lip Balm!

Hello make-up faces! How's your weekend going so far? Mine has been relatively productive I was up far too early due to being woken up by a certain someone ahem...Chris.  So I have made some time to take advantage of the sunshine streaming through my living room window, yes really! This post is just a quick one showing a couple of things I bought this week and an exciting package I received this morning!

I've already done my make up but tomorrow I want to get my 'how I get MAC Face & Body to work' and a review of Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara so hopefully I'll get that organised.  Yesterday after work I HAD to go shopping so I did, I was specifically going for some gym gear (boring) but I had to make a stop in Superdrug and I picked up MUA sugar lips lip balm.  I've also been on the look out for a stick lip balm that I like and this my friends is no easy feat, I hate anything greasy on my lips and I hate pots of lip balm. Hate Vaseline, hate Chapstick, hate Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for day use but I think I've found a new one! Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lip Balm with vitamin E and SPF15 it's great, not greasy, not highly scented, moisturising and suitable for wear under colour lip products. Perfect.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

MUA - Love Hearts Nail Polish

Evening hope you are all peachy. Back with a NOTD (old faithful) I am seriously impressed with this new polish that I picked up from Superdrug on Tuesday for the purse friendly sum of £2.  It's from the MUA (make up artist) affordable collection from Superdrug which was £1 per item when it first launched and it has always had certain products that really impress me - the nail polishes being one.

This polish is part of the Love Hearts collection which was launched a couple of weeks ago and it is really cute, there are a range of tinted lip balms also, I'll need to try them too.  

The polish I have on is called U R Fab and I'm finding it hard to explain the shade accurately, it's like a raspberry with blue undertones and no shimmer what so ever.  Really flattering and the perfect in between red, pink and purple! At first I immediately went for the I <3 U nude but I stopped myself..."step away from the nudes!"  

What really impressed me about this was the opacity and the application, believe it or not but this was after just one coat and I stopped there, it's been on for two days now and only a few chips. Next time I'll try it with two and a top coat and see it look even better!

The last picture is a product I received to try out - a shampoo! John Frieda Full Repair shampoo so I'm looking forward to trying it our and reviewing it.