Friday, 13 January 2012

Bonne année

Hello there... Long time no write or do anything on my blog! I actually don't have any reason real or fantasy as to why I've not updated my blog – well one, this stupid eternal darkness that makes taking any kind of acceptable pictures after 3pm impossible.

As I write that though it has actually been quite a nice day so hopefully things are on the up this wise at least! So I bought the tripod and all the bits I needed wanted for the good of my blog now all I have to do is put a bit of bloody effort in.

So I thought I would just write this post outlining some of the products that I am going to feature on the blog. 

MAC Face & Body – I finally got my hands on this and I'm wearing it today for the first time so I'll be putting my thoughts into a post.

Chanel Paradoxal Polish – This was another impromptu splurge bit later on than the initial hype but hey, who says you need to follow the crowd! I applied this last night and first impressions hmmm I do spy some chips. This is without a topcoat though so I'll hold my finial opinion until I try that.

MAC Harmony Blush – I haven't been using this for a blush but rather a contour powder it's the perfect matte, cool toned shade.

The Naked Palette – I know, I know but it's new to me and I'm going to try and come up with a new concept to get my thoughts about this illustrious product. For the record I did have the Naked 2 palette in my basket when Debenhams released it but I thought better of it. The differences that I heard being bandied around the beauty bloggosphere was that it was much more cool toned with more matte shades. The more I look at it I see the matt shades yes, there is still a fair amount of shimmer in there and it just looks very similar to the original.

Nars Orgasm Blush & Superorgasm Lipgloss – got these for my birthday the blush I love. The lipgloss – not so much initially.

Nars Laguna Bronzer – love.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark - just got this and super excited to try it our and get some pictures up.

Laura Mercier Lip Pencils – lip pencils and the lining of ones lips is something I'm experimenting with just now after seeing Nic Pixiwoo and her love of MACs stone. I got this pencil in the shade Nude (or is it naked?) well you get the picture looking forward to receiving it.

So there you have it a little taster of what's coming up on Make-up Face and SOON I promise!