Monday, 27 February 2012

F.O.T.D - Feat. Collection 2000 Fairy Cake

I took a quick picture on my lunch in work today as I sit in front of a window and it's très bright, so why the hell not?

This isn't your ordinary FOTD this is a Monday morning FOTD, brave aren't I? This look was completed in approximately 20 minutes and not too it?? Haha. So here's some pics and I'll put products used at the bottom.

Plus I'm not used to taking pictures of myself and forgive me for looking a little boss eyed as I haven't quite got the look at the lens and not the screen move down (although one eye seems to have!).

This I actually took after the first - I needed some lippy! 

Plus I am also taking bets on how high I can get my quiff to go

Getting fancy - I promise usually both my eyes point in the same direction. I'm laughing so much at this!

Products Used

Moisturiser - Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 moisturiser (don't like it)
Foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (love this)
Powder - ELF Translucent Powder (indifferent)
Concealer - MAC Studio Fix NW20 (too light for blemishes, perfect for brows and under eye, does crease however but the coverage makes up for that, it's brilliant)
Brows - Rimmel Pencil Dark Brown, matte brown shadow for Primark eyebrow kit (love)
Mascara - Max Factor 2000 Calorie (love!) black of course
Bronzer - A baked Accessorise one (indifferent, not much colour pay off)
Blush - MeMeMe in Rouge (love, must put up some swatches)

...then a bit later on I decided I looked washed out so put on Collection 2000 CreamPuff in Fairy Cake, love this.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lana Del Ray Lip Tutorial

Evening! I want to start doing some more tutorials on Make-upFace to help me actually use what products I have. So I thought a 'lip look' would be a good easy place to start and whose lips are we all talking about these days? Lana Del Ray's of course I love a bit of Lana ever since I heard Video Games I was interested.  Yes there has been much speculation as to whether her pillowy pout has had the hand of some fillers but I'm saying nothing! 

Lana wears different colours of lip but this one is a tutorial on how to achieve the nude look (see below)

Not only is she one of the most talked about names of the moment but she has just had a Mulberry named after her - the Del Ray no less.  Grazia found out what many of us have been dying to know what is her current reached for lip colour - it's Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture - #24 Blond Ingenu see below.

I have to say this is a very pretty nude rose/pink colour that shows up as a flattering nude on the lip.  Unfortunately I don't have this shade or I would have just put some on and took a picture so I looked around my collection and have came up with my own drug store brand combination.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome for my first tutorial - here's how I did it (hehehe)

First you will need really moisturised lips so slick on some lip balm I used the Blistex intensive for this stage and then exfoliated with a toothbrush.  Before I began applying product I applied the Carmex one as it's thicker and a better base to wear under lipstick.

Then I took concealor I used both of these but found the Boots 17 to be the best as the Collection 2000 settled in the lines in your lips - just put the concealor round the outline of your lips. Then pat in with your finger to soften, blend and partially blank out the lips (just a little)!

Here's the two products I used Natural Collection in Apple Blossom and ELF Minerals in Natural Nymph.

Excuse the battered ELF lippie it broke and I have no idea why?! What you need to do now is apply Apple Blossom then blend and pat in with your finger, then apply ELF with your finger and again pat in all over the lip.

Next I lined the lips just a little on the cupids bow and middle of my bottom lip with this Laura Mercier lip liner in natural lips.

Then voila your finished your Lana Del Ray 'a like' lips - hope you enjoyed.

Monday, 20 February 2012

NOTD - Miss Sporty Polish

Sorry for the vagueness of the title but there is no name...I think it's a No. 10 on the bottom. Anyway, it's Miss Sporty and perhaps surprisingly so it's great.

A stormy blue-grey with the finest of shimmer running through it I'd need to take a picture on my good camera to capture it. It applied fantastically, opaque after 2 coats and is chip free for a good few days.

I bought this polish on a whim from SuperDrug for a couple of pound not expecting much. In saying that I'd recommend that you try them out, from what I've seen they're great value and have a decent colour selection.

I actually painted my nails yesterday with Collection 2000 Hot Looks in candy floss - a proper matte, opaque candy floss colour! I love these polishes and have most of them but this one for me is a disappointment. The consistency is ALL wrong thick gloppy and sticky - any nails fans will know that this is a nightmare situation for any polish. So it had to go.

Plus look I'm nearly out of my Seche Vite, this will be repurchased for sure. Yeah it smells like petrol and goes a bit gloppy but the shine and finish it gives is just too damn addictive !

Catch up with the Bourjois Boutique

I just came across this image on the Bourjois FB page and how fantastic does it look! I wish I worked in Shoreditch and could of popped out and grabbed a free goodie bag!

NB - not related but I'm catching up on last nights TOWIE it's awful! Eugh it used to be good I miss Mark (don't tell any one!).

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Seven Deadly Beauty Sins Tag

It's the weekend kids. This is great news indeed – Saturday morning chilling coffee, dressing gown and not thinking about cleaning/chores/housework (adult boring stuff eugh). I thought I would do this tag in written form as Youtube and seeing myself (hearing myself) on video is so far from my plans it's, it's, not even visible with the Hubble telescope. So yeah, I though I'd do it via my blog – I noticed Product Pixie had and I thought do you know what? That's a jolly good weekend blog post so without further a do and to curtail the rambling – Make-up face's seven deadly beauty sins.

Most Inexpensive and Expensive Product?

I actually have a few great inexpensive products let me think...oh my Primark brow kit! This is the shade I use daily on my brows since I used up all the brown in the Sleek storm pallette, the wax is handy too! £3.50 (I think I got it for £1.50!)

My most expensive product is...there have been a few used over the years but currently it's the good old Naked palette.

What Products Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With?

It's not a brand in general it's a product range that I love/hate with equal amounts – eyeliner! I hate the tempestuous nature of this little sucker some days it looks awesome other days not so good. Some days one eye is good the other, atroucious. You just can't win. Khol good smudges into lash line – slides of the water line. Liquid either too fine a brush, not opaque enough, rubs off at the ends but does dry totally. Gel I'm getting on better with, gel liner and an angled brush good dependant on my skills that day. Where I really like gel eyeliner is on the water line as it doesn't smudge and dries in not giving me watery eyes or usually just one watery eye. (what's that all about??)

What Has Been Hardest To Find?

The products that I find the hardest to get a hold of are generally the drug store/high street ones – one mention and a bit of a buzz and they seem to fly off the shelves in the stores where I stay. I'm thinking Sleek – Bad Girl Palette, Barry M 147, Maybelline Amber Rose I can't think of any other but definitely high street products when they first come out. Oh and anything Inglot! When are you going to open a store in Glasgow before you become high-end expensive eh?! 

What Are Your Most Delicious Beauty Products?

Delicious? What like I'd like to lick them! Body Shop Coconut body butter and anything coconut really I adore the smell I have coconut leave-in conditioner, room scent, body lotion, body wash, bath bubbles it.

What Beauty Product Do You Neglect Due To Laziness?

I have noticed since I bought it I have been neglecting my Clarins Face & Neck tanner and I'm not sure whether it's laziness or my full face routine has been condensed, I do have to start using it. (review?)

What Beauty Product Gives You Most Confidence?

Confidence? I would have to be anything eye related. My skin isn't too bad and my lips don't need lined or colour on everyday so it's all about the eyes. My brows MUST be filled in and they are everyday regardless and I think I look alien without mascara so those two things for sure.

What Attributes Do You Find Most Attractive In The Opposite Sex?

Easy – short, groomed hair with TIDY side burns (must be a Mr Darcy/Colin Firth throwback) Nice hands/nails, strong muscular arms, blue eyes and one more, kindness.

What Item Would You Most Like To Receive As A Gift?

At this moment a Mui Mui Vitello Lux in the light pink (just for purely materialistic terms you understand) oh how happy I would be! This is a great tag – do it and mail me your links!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Boots 17 RED Polish

Just thought I'd post this quickly to give a little mention to some of the best polishes - Boots 17. They are brilliant for the prices opaque, shiny, long lasting and excellent colour range. I got this colour in a little minis gift set wish I knew the name. Its neutral week for me next week, yes that's right I alternate from week to week it's a good way to make sure you use a variety of shades.

Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Make-up Face's Pinterest Interiors

I just want to say if you are not on Pinterest, are you crazy! It's the ultimate in digital, scrapbooking, it's the modern mood board without all the cutting and sticking to sum Pinterest up - it's amazing. At the moment you need an invite to start 'pinning' if you need one email me and I'll send you one.

Here are a few of my obsessions on my for the home board - I love these chevron patterns and these colour schemes it's my ultimate!

Source: via Make-up on Pinterest
I must have these colours  in my flat. MUST. In fact my whole wardrobe should consist of these colours.

Monday, 13 February 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


Just thought I'd put up a quick post because there has been a revelation - I've found a hand cream that I like! I have a weird phobia about having my hands wet and I hate the greasy feeling of heavy lotions on my skin. Eugh!

It's one from Superdrug Hand Therapy 2 in 1 hand and nail cream.

"enriched with keratin and pro-vitamin B5 to help condition hands and strengthen nails."

It was mostly for my nails/cuticles the dry skin you get around your nails. This hand cream is amazing it absorbs really quickly, smells great and leave your hands feeling great.

I applied this before painting my nails with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark my most recent favourite. A deliciously dark purple that appears almost black on the nail. The best part about OPI polishes is their staying power. Last time I had this on with Seche Vite top coat it lasted almost a week. The best.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Bourjois Boutique


I thought I would post something different today, a bit of industry news no less! This month is what? Yeah that's right it's London Fashion Week which means the capital will be awash with luvvies, trends galore and possibly some despair at lack of funds to invest in the high-end designer section of ones wardrobe.

I recieved this press release and thought I would post about it as it seemed like a great event from a brand that I have grown to love more and more. Usually Bourjois is a brand I stayed away from but after hearing the hype on some of their products I decided to dabble - my favourite being the Healthy Mix Foundation. I have never had so many compliments on my skin as I have when wearing that foundation, it's the perfect shade for me (52).

Anyway, the Bourjois Boutique is following in the steps of the popular pop up shop. Bourjois are offering up to 65% off of their most popular products!! As well as that their professional team of experts will be on hand to offer advice, give on to one consultations and hair and nail demos, how exciting!

Plus as is de rigueur these days at PR and beauty events, there will be macarons. I have never tried one? Are they tasty or do they just look pretty?

Also you will be in with a chance to win your own personal illustartion from award winning artist Zarina Liew.

Image: Zarina Liew
Bourjois are also running a competition on their Facebook page which is definitely worth a like.  The competition is the My Bourjois Look what you need to do to be in  with a chance of winning is upload a photo of yourself that, 'best describes Bourjois' Personality.' Are you going to go for Parisian Chic? Ultra Feminine? St Tropez Glow? The winner will be the image in the top ten submissions that has received the most votes - embrace your creative (and competitive) side and upload your own entry!

Pop along if you can to the Bourjois Boutique and join in with the festivities! You can also follow Bourjois on Twitter to keep up to date with what's happening @bourjois_uk

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Be just and if you can't be just, be arbitrary.

Good evening.

I just had an overwhelming urge to post on my blog, of which lately (blogging) I have been in my disengaged frame of mind. Although my posts are not what you would call regular I do feel the have a drawn out conformity to them. Moving on from that and taking into consideration my need to get back into the blogging approach to life I thought I would do a mixture of rambling and pictures. Not pictures of make up or anything beauty related but pictures of the other love of my life my flat (and you of course BF).

There is however one picture of a beautiful pair of shoes that I tried on and sadly won't be making their appearance on my bank statement as I left empty handed. I have been in a self diagnosed state of restlessness for the past few months, this is nothing out of the normal for me as it happens often and is generally overcame by some thinking and objective setting. One intermediary solution was to buy some new things for my flat and a trip to that haven of Swedish practicality and economy that is Ikea. I did go a little overboard in my spending but I managed to pick up some really great bits and I also discovered where the seconds crockery and dinner wear is kept *gleee*.

Without further a do bring on the images and I will just describe them in the captions.

I bought the cushion cover - I LOVE it, French, county, chateau the throw is the most soft, beautiful material.

Great little frame matches my huge mirror which is distressed gold. That book is apparently about all sorts of naughty things. I'm going to change it up often.

I have two of these plants on my kitchen window sill, the best part is they are artificial!

I know this is not to everyone's taste but I adore it. Ordered it from Etsy, got the frame in Ikea and it now hangs proudly in my hall.

How nice is this Molton Brown dish? I was moving some things in my bathroom about it's one of my favourite  rooms so thought I'd include a few pics.

Picked this is in a really random shop for a pond or so - glitter!

I just love everything about these, style, platform, fit and colour perfect for spring! New Look (£19.99)

Cute little wedge boots (I love a wedge) New Look (£19.99)

Sunday dinner (sorry for the blur I was ravenous!) Turkey chilli and soy. Roasted baby potatoes, veggies, gravy and Yorkshires,

Impromptu dessert - Affogato. Carte D'or light vanilla ice cream and a really strong hot coffee over the top. This is what it's all about.
So that is a little snap shot into my weekend hope you get some inspiration or have just passed five minutes pleasantly! I'm off to watch TOWIE (although I miss Mark so much don't judge he's a good looking kid). Hope the Monday blues stay back in last week.