Sunday, 11 March 2012

Banana Bread

Banana bread. That is all...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

EOTD - half baked & smog

Oh HAI. Yes, it's an eye of the day of course I have two but I thought Id just stick to taking pictures of my favourite eye. This look used half baked and smog from the much adored and discussed Urban Decay Naked Palette & the equally as heralded Primer Potion.

I started with primer, patted half baked all over the lid and then worked smog into the crease and down under the lower lash line. I then took the No7 dupe of the MAC 217 and blend, blend, blend and blend some more you can always add more colour if you fell it is becoming too dissapated.

I then take Naked which is a matt tan colour and work this in over the top of the crease to add warmth and detract from any harsh lines that have been left from smog. I find this a really effective way to tie a look altogether and add some warmth Kid from MAC is also a great shade to try this with.

I have to mention also about how buttery smooth half baked is, it's just heavenly so pigmented, smooth application and a really gorgeous multi-dimensional gold/bronze. I think it would be really nice to try half baked pressed over a darker shade like smog, I think in fact I might try that myself!
Use this colour to lightly blend the crease and highlight colours together - it will warm up a cool toned smoky eye

Friday, 9 March 2012

NOTD - Bourjois Bleu Model

NOTD that I have actually been wearing for the past two days but I know you'll forgive me! I have the most mundane reason to give as to why this is a good nail polish here we go - it survived the kitchen clean. I know, I know! Seriously, this polish has some staying power if it can withstand; glass cleaner, fairy liquid and flash they we're doing a good job.

Two coats gives a great opaque fresh turquoise with a sea green base with no top coat it gives great shine and as I mentioned great staying power. It applies smoothly, no streaks, no gloopiness and the colour is true to what the bottle represents. This is my first time using Boujois' polishes and like the rest of the make up from this product range that I have tried I am growing to love this brand more and more and I'm surprised I overlooked it for so long.

As I write this I have just received my new China Glaze Polish in Fois Gras from the Hunger Games collection, can't wait to try it out. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Science Fiction - Red Lips

Ello poppets ( you have Shay Carl to thank for that one) today I though I'd start looking through my lip products, lipsticks in particular and give them a bit of an airing. This particular shade I picked up whilst in the supermarket one day on a whim as this is not a colour I would generally wear.  I always focus on doing a more dramatic eye on nights out and therefore generally go for a really neutral lip and sometimes just a balm.

This is a collection 2000 shade from the Lasting Colour Range and I can already tell that even after I take this off I'm still going to have some nice ruby lips! So no tashin (hehe) on with this shade or you are going to both end up looking like a kind of Stephen Kings It inspired joker/nightmare clown. So, yes it's pigmented! It actually has a really nice finish a matte sheen, not drying and comfortable enough to wear without a balm underneath.  As I mentioned there it does transfer unless you sealed it so prepare to brand all cups, glasses or straws but who cares it looks nice right?

I did line my lips with a red Barry M Kohl pencil which I don't think is a lip liner but why the hell would you line your eyes with this? Heading back to the Stephen King inspired make up look there - it is very soft but it's a great general red colour and I'd always recommend a liner if you're wearing a red lip.

The video at the end is what I'm reminded of when I think of a famous red lip! Never mind Marilyn hello Rocky Horror!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Ello poppets! I thought I'd post a couple of snaps from my weekend which was by no means life changing but we all like to see the human aspect in blogs don't we? I can't be in St Tropex every weekend...come on. These posts are some of my favorite I love seeing what people are up to especially a weird thing about what people are eating?! Later on today I'll have my John Freida shampoo post up and hopefully my nail of the week.

These lashes from Primark are great for £1 - stock up!
This is going to be my NOTD try and encourage summer through my nails!
A little idea of mine  (website/email not real yet!) making most of Moo free samples
Present from my dad a necessity for all candle lovers.
My boyfriends family's dog Holly - she likes to lie right up at the table
Gorgeous bag I seen in Zara, I'm sure it's only £19.99

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sugar Lips - MUA & Best Day to Day Lip Balm!

Hello make-up faces! How's your weekend going so far? Mine has been relatively productive I was up far too early due to being woken up by a certain someone ahem...Chris.  So I have made some time to take advantage of the sunshine streaming through my living room window, yes really! This post is just a quick one showing a couple of things I bought this week and an exciting package I received this morning!

I've already done my make up but tomorrow I want to get my 'how I get MAC Face & Body to work' and a review of Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara so hopefully I'll get that organised.  Yesterday after work I HAD to go shopping so I did, I was specifically going for some gym gear (boring) but I had to make a stop in Superdrug and I picked up MUA sugar lips lip balm.  I've also been on the look out for a stick lip balm that I like and this my friends is no easy feat, I hate anything greasy on my lips and I hate pots of lip balm. Hate Vaseline, hate Chapstick, hate Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for day use but I think I've found a new one! Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lip Balm with vitamin E and SPF15 it's great, not greasy, not highly scented, moisturising and suitable for wear under colour lip products. Perfect.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

MUA - Love Hearts Nail Polish

Evening hope you are all peachy. Back with a NOTD (old faithful) I am seriously impressed with this new polish that I picked up from Superdrug on Tuesday for the purse friendly sum of £2.  It's from the MUA (make up artist) affordable collection from Superdrug which was £1 per item when it first launched and it has always had certain products that really impress me - the nail polishes being one.

This polish is part of the Love Hearts collection which was launched a couple of weeks ago and it is really cute, there are a range of tinted lip balms also, I'll need to try them too.  

The polish I have on is called U R Fab and I'm finding it hard to explain the shade accurately, it's like a raspberry with blue undertones and no shimmer what so ever.  Really flattering and the perfect in between red, pink and purple! At first I immediately went for the I <3 U nude but I stopped myself..."step away from the nudes!"  

What really impressed me about this was the opacity and the application, believe it or not but this was after just one coat and I stopped there, it's been on for two days now and only a few chips. Next time I'll try it with two and a top coat and see it look even better!

The last picture is a product I received to try out - a shampoo! John Frieda Full Repair shampoo so I'm looking forward to trying it our and reviewing it.