About Make-up Face

Hello, bonjour, hola and welcome to Make-up face, why's it called that? Well because more often than not day on day I have a make-up face, I like it and I like to read and write about different ways to improve it! Hence my new online home – Make-up Face.

I thought I better write this post as I realise the blog at this stage seems rather abandoned and slightly random but trust me there is a method behind this! I am just in the early stages of creating this blog and there is till a lot to do, as I am sure you can see! I had an other home previously Food and Fancies but do you know what, it was time for a change. A change of direction, a new look a more personable tone and a hell of a lot more commitment from me. I love change in this circumstance just starting afresh is very well...refreshing!

So here we are my new blog, the randomness of the posts sans images are due to the fact that I am lifting my favourite ones from my old site and transferring them to Make-up Face; after all a lot of work went into them and they are still viable (hopefully interesting) content for my lovely readers. The images I will put up or perhaps takes new ones as the long light nights certainly lend themselves to the efficiency of the blogging community.

So what is this blog going to be about – make up for one, new things, old things and possibly just plain weird items of make up that I love hate but am never indifferent about because that is just boring! It is also going to cover the extremely exciting new journey of mine into home ownership and living with a boy, hopefully domestic bliss will ensue...it will won't it :P? So lots of pretty house things, probably covering a few disasters along the way and hopefully memories for me to look back on.

I hope that has given you a little insight into the beginnings and purpose of Make-up Face and a little introduction to me! Any requests for posts or ideas or comments are always welcome contact me at – foodandfancies@gmail.com (I have to change I know). Like the Facebook page at the top of the blog if you feel like throwing a high five my way oh and you can also find me on Twitter say hello and introduce yourself @Make_upFACE.

Look forward to getting stuck in.

Lissa x